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After Hours Medical Answering Service

Answering services for after hours operation of any doctors or dentists office is an absolute necessity, if only in case of emergency. While several services exist in the market and range from live operators to automated operator systems, medical answering services by MedXCom are among the most advanced in existence today and the only service to over a hybrid of both live and automated answering options.

In addition to improving the ease of communication between physician and patient, answering services for doctors like MedXCom can also help improve risk management, business efficiency and operational flow by providing full transcripts and detailed information about the communication, like date, time, and length of the conversation. Most importantly, these records are accessible almost instantaneously.

While the medical information of patients is highly sensitive, privacy and security are paramount concerns to many physicians and doctor’s offices just as they are to medical answering services. MedXCom’s answering services for doctors are HIPAA-compliant and highly secure. The protection of this information is absolutely critical to the operation of any medical office and can also help defend against potential malpractice claims.

Answering services for doctors are essential, not only in terms of protecting patient privacy and protecting against malpractice claims, but more importantly, they provide a necessary relief against the headaches of technology by easily forwarding calls and secured text messages directly to the user’s cell phone.

MedXCom’s live operator, hybrid automated-live operator, and secured text messaging services are all easily accessible through a single application designed for your mobile device or tablet and is available through Google Play and iTunes. This user-friendly set up allows easy communication between patients and medical offices, even after hours, in a way that is safe, secure, and instantaneous.

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