Welcome to The Alliance Health virtual Super Group

What is MedXcom?

Something your practice uses every day – an answering service.

In this case, an automated, digital one, that protects your practice by recording all in and outbound calls, which are accessible to you for 23 years.

What is the Benefit of a Belonging to a MedXCom Super Group?

Super Groups are viewed as one large practice, where everyone gets a significant discount. As your Super Group providers grow in number, the shared discounts continue to deepen, automatically.

How Do I Join?

Every participating practice gets a discount. The more that join, the bigger the discount. Each time a new discount level is earned, every practice earns a lower price automatically.

Who Chooses MedXCom and Why? 

  • Traditional answering service:

    MedXCom providers are no longer tethered to a call center and forced to endure non-transparent pricing and alarming invoices. They also report greater patient satisfaction citing no hold times, more privacy, and less errors.

  • Existing Automated Service:

    Group pricing. Enough said.

  • In ACO or Value Based Care:

    Saving a needless ED visit and $20,000 to $50,000 with a simple phone call is a wonderful thing.

  • Never Had an Answering Service, But You Know You Need One:

  • Don’t like contracts?

    We don’t either. And don’t need them. When you provide great value and services, your customers stay with you year after year.

What’s in it for me in 30 seconds:

When on-call using MedXCom, doctors enjoy real-time delivery of urgent calls, message transcriptions, Caller ID protection, and they are instantly able to transfer call coverage and change how their reached from the MedXCom app. While their staff enjoy real-time on-call calendar management, transparent after-hour activity, and flat rate monthly pricing.

As a bonus, and the reason MedXCom was created, every call and conversation is recorded and archived and serves as medical-legal protection against malpractice claims.

MedXCom provides 100% of the features you use every day and more you use occasionally.

Flat Fee Group Rates. No Other Fees. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.