Benefits of After Hours Medical Answering Services

It is essential that doctors have their phones covered by an answering system that allows patients to get information and help after hours. But the old system of having live operators was extremely error prone. Another problem with the traditional answering service was that it had no method to transfer what had happened during the night hours. The information regarding the calls was little more than the patient name and phone number. A final issue was that traditional answering services do not record the patient calls. So a dispute could come down to ‘he said she said’.

We solved all of these problems with MedXCom. By using a computerized answering algorithm, our calls are routed directly to the doctor on call. Every call is recorded digitally and can be transcribed. The office staff can retrieve all of the information from overnight calls and any dispute can be resolved by the record. On top of that, we have now developed a method of integrating a live operator into the system for those who prefer.