A HIPAA Compliant Answering Service Improves Patient Care

Patient satisfaction is the most important factor when it comes to patient retention at any doctor or physician’s’ office. By providing HIPAA-compliant resources, patients will find that their healthcare experience is better.


MedX is the perfect medical answering service that gives a personal touch to your office while adhering to HIPAA standards. Patient expectations can be high and they have many options in choosing a doctor or health group with knowledgeable staff that will keep their medical condition confidential. Communication is key for keeping a satisfied patient and you want to ensure that your office is properly equipped at all times. A hybrid live operator and automated service allows patients to talk with a professional about their situation even when an office staff member may not be in the office to take the call, all through a fully secured and HIPAA-compliant application that can be easily installed on tablets and mobile phones. For patients, there will be no more frustrating phone calls with an answering machine.


Patient information is secure, and easily accessible for physicians and healthcare staff.  MedX’s Medical Answering Service allows physicians to communicate with colleagues, practice managers, office staff and patients, thereby strongly enhancing the quality of patient care.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), was created in 1996 to protect patients and ensure that their health information stays private. With MedX, we help your office avoid some of the most common HIPAA violations, including:

  • Unencrypted Data
  • Employee Error
  • Lapse in Notification of a Data Breach


Violating any of the HIPAA regulations, whether knowingly or not, is considered a liability and you or your office could face the possibility of heavy fines.

MedXCom is the only hybrid automated and live operator answering service on the market with HIPAA-compliant secured texting and an easy to use interface. Learn more about how MedXCom works.