Digital Health Care Predictions

You know what? We are going to have data collected on us through these apps and programs that will change our health, individually and collectively. This may help predict patterns of illnesses and warn of an impending epidemic. On an individual basis, algorithms might emerge that provide a previously unseen clue to a future illness. […]

Improving the Experience of Digital Health Care

You know what, I was one of the early adopters in ehealth. I designed an EMR which worked pretty well. But over the years, what I’ve seen is a real downgrade in most of the applications I use. The problem, as I see it, is that these programs weren’t written by people who understand the […]

How Digital Health Care is Taking Over

Is there anyone who still thinks this isn’t true? Patients come into the office every day with their smartphones in hand. They show me their Fitbit steps and the calories in their myfitnesspal. They keep their vital signs on an Apple Watch. Years ago, I took pride in making sure that my patients had copies […]