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  • Reduce Readmission Rates

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Eliminating Medical Transcription Errors for as Little as $99* per Month Per Facility

*Flat fee. No setup, service or cancellation fees. Intuitive technology.

No contract. Cancel anytime.

Researchers say nursing homes need a more sophisticated error recording system after a meta-analysis showed that some sort of medication error had affected 16% to 27% of residents.

Transcription errors no longer must contribute to the problem.

MedXCom Long Term Care (LTC) offers a simple, inexpensive solution that records every physician telephone order, notifies the unit in real-time, and is available for instant review.

MedXCom LTC meets all HIPAA requirements, and every facility remains its own private entity with its own telephone numbers and call records.

MedXCom Medical Answering Service Mobile App with Stethoscope

MedXCom LTC is an automated, digital telephone system, which records, logs, and archives all in and outbound calls and conversations.

Doctors dialing into the Rx line can opt to either leave a detailed prescription order for the facility or each unit or can select to speak directly with the charge nurse on a recorded line.

Nurses can use any phone to dial out through the recorded Rx line to contact the physician for orders.

  • The Benefits

    • Facility and Physician Benefits – Medical-Legal issues with transcription errors from verbal telephone orders are reduced.
    • Administration and Staff Benefit – Instant ability to confirm each verbal telephone order by staff and supervisors. Physician orders are organized, confirmed and accurate every time.
  • The Features

    • Dedicated on-call number for each facility or for each nursing unit.
    • A proprietary call triage system sends an email, text and desktop alert when a prescription order is requested or given.
    • Doctors can opt to give verbal orders on a recorded line.
    • Nurses can call out for verbal orders on a recorded line.
    • A solid, reliable system evolved over ten years used by thousands of doctors nationwide.
    • All calls made through MedXCom are recorded, archived, and accessible for 23 years.

    HIPAA secure. Risk mitigated. One Less Complication.

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