Benefits of After Hours Medical Answering Services

It is essential that doctors have their phones covered by an answering system that allows patients to get information and help after hours. But the old system of having live operators was extremely error prone. Another problem with the traditional answering service was that it had no method to transfer what had happened during the […]

24-7 Patient Care Service: Health Care That’s Always On-Call

Many patients get tired of reaching an automated phone service when they need a human to respond to their health concerns. MedX provides your patients with a 24-7 lifeline to speak with medical professionals during office off-hours. Urgent! Emergency! During an emergency, it makes a big difference to patients to speak with someone who can […]

Digital Health Care Predictions

You know what? We are going to have data collected on us through these apps and programs that will change our health, individually and collectively. This may help predict patterns of illnesses and warn of an impending epidemic. On an individual basis, algorithms might emerge that provide a previously unseen clue to a future illness. […]

Mobile Technology and How it Can Improve Your Health Care

When I first started with the EMR we designed, mobile was pretty basic. Connection times were painfully slow. This really became impossible when graphic interfaces came out. I would wait soooo long waiting for my computer to paint out a screen. It was unbearable. But that has really changed incredibly. Practically any smartphone has enough […]

A HIPAA Compliant Answering Service Improves Patient Care

Patient satisfaction is the most important factor when it comes to patient retention at any doctor or physician’s’ office. By providing HIPAA-compliant resources, patients will find that their healthcare experience is better.   MedX is the perfect medical answering service that gives a personal touch to your office while adhering to HIPAA standards. Patient expectations […]

How an App Can Improve Your Health Care

Hey patient! Take charge of your own health. It’s crazy not to do it today. It’s all out there and most of it is free. For example, take a look at our patient app on MedXCom. It has a way to track your meds, keep a file on your diagnoses, and communicate securely with your […]

A Medical Answering Service That Offers a Personal Touch

Choosing a medical answering service with a personal touch will improve the overall experience for your patients. All of the services provided by MedX enables doctors and healthcare staff to focus more on treatment and less on administrative issues. Patients will appreciate the positive customer service aspect that comes with having a medical answering service. […]

Improving the Experience of Digital Health Care

You know what, I was one of the early adopters in ehealth. I designed an EMR which worked pretty well. But over the years, what I’ve seen is a real downgrade in most of the applications I use. The problem, as I see it, is that these programs weren’t written by people who understand the […]

MedX Helps Doctors Take Advantage of Mobile

Many doctors and health groups are learning about the power of mobile. With MedX Answering Services, doctors and medical staff can improve communication with patients during off-hours. Positive mobile interactions and experiences form the foundation for creating satisfied patients, who are more likely to stay with a doctor and recommend the practice to others. Quality and […]

How Digital Health Care is Taking Over

Is there anyone who still thinks this isn’t true? Patients come into the office every day with their smartphones in hand. They show me their Fitbit steps and the calories in their myfitnesspal. They keep their vital signs on an Apple Watch. Years ago, I took pride in making sure that my patients had copies […]