MedXCom Large Practice Services Make On-Call Answering Management Simple, Efficient and Problem Free

We provide On-Call digital answering services for thousands of doctors nationwide, from oral surgeons to pediatricians and everyone in between.

Your doctors’ needs in your dozens, or hundreds of offices are no different than the doctors we serve in large and small practices. They all want to get urgent calls and have the rest go to their staff. They all want to pass call to a backup in an emergency. They all want reliability and simplicity. Their staff wants to be able to schedule and process calls efficiently and effectively.

As a bonus, you want everything recorded and archived as a medical-legal protection against malpractice claims.

We do all that, provide 100% of the features your doctors use every day and more they use occasionally, all with attractive flat fee group rates. No other fees. You can cancel anytime.

It’s not too good to be true, we’re the original and have been doing it for over ten years.

MedXCom Medical Answering Service Mobile App with Stethoscope