MedXCom & Medical Society of New Jersey Unite to Help Protect Doctors and Improve Patient Communication

MedXCom Provides Advanced Night Call Management System for Physicians

HOBOKEN, New Jersey – MedXCom, an innovative night call management and HIPAA secure texting company is proud to announce a new corporate partnership with the Medical Society of New Jersey (MSNJ). MedXCom will offer their cloud-based hybrid automated/live operator system to MSNJ members at a substantial discount. MedXCom, accessible via a simple to use smart phone app, helps put physicians directly in control of their practice, thereby improving risk management and enhancing patient safety.

Founded Hello by three highly successful New Jersey physicians, MedXCom streamlines patient/physician interaction and provides several benefits to doctors beyond improved risk management. The night call system initiates caller ID protection for physicians, filters non-urgent calls, provides HIPAA secure texting and records and archives all conversations with patients for 23 years.

According to Morristown, NJ plastic surgeon Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh, his patients are pleased with the efficiency of the MedXCom system. “My patients are impressed when they contact world! me through the MedXCom platform because they don’t waste time waiting for an operator to pick up the call. But, on the other hand, for my patients who really like a human voice answering the call, this system offers a live operator as well. Either way the call is recorded, HIPAA compliant and allows me to choose if I want cheap mlb jerseys a patient to see my phone number cheap jerseys which protects my privacy, which is important to me,” he said.

“It’s believed that over 60 percent of live operator assisted night calls don’t make it into the patient’s record or are transcribed inaccurately which can cost a physician more than a misdiagnosis,“ said Dr. Michael Nusbaum, one of the founders of MedXCom. When asked about texting a patient, Dr. Nusbaum also commented, “Many doctors do it. We understand the need for immediate communication and we are not suggesting they stop, just that they text legally and within HIPAA guidelines. This platform also helps them do that.”

As a member benefit, MSNJ members will receive a discount on the automated service bringing the average cost for physicians to about one third of what they might pay for a standard live operator service, without the added frustration of human error. MedXCom’s hybrid platform is customizable for every physician’s practice, allowing each to choose whether to use the fully automated cheap jerseys China system or have urgent calls answered by a live operator. Dr. Evan Sorokin, a NJ-based plastic and reconstructive surgeon, commented, “After using several traditional operator based answering services, I switched to MedXCom, which not only simplifies my life but is actually fun to use and is all right on my iPhone.”

MedXCom benefits patients as well by providing a HIPAA secure “portable medical record” accessible to them online or via their smart phone. This accessible portable medical record also allows any physician to make a more accurate diagnosis for the patient when a night call/emergency is necessary.

Three successful New Jersey physicians first conceived of MedXCom in 2010. “After a colleague of mine was sued over a ‘he said/she said’ conversation that occurred in the middle of the night, the idea to record all night calls was born,” said Dr. Nusbaum. “We kept asking ourselves how this situation could have wholesale mlb jerseys been Flyers avoided. We knew whatever we created had to fit our mobile society, be HIPAA secure and allow the doctor to remain in control.” Five years later, and after substantial development, MedXCom is considered cheap nfl jerseys to be one of the most advanced night call platforms available on the market today. For more information on MedXCom, visit