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24-7 Patient Care Service: Health Care That’s Always On-Call

Many patients get tired of reaching an automated phone service when they need a human to respond to their health concerns. MedX provides your patients with a 24-7 lifeline to speak with medical professionals during office off-hours.

Urgent! Emergency!

During an emergency, it makes a big difference to patients to speak with someone who can properly address their call. Using a hybrid live-operator and automated service makes the healthcare experience better for you and your patients. Highly-trained medical professionals answer the phone with the perfect amount of friendliness and professionalism on every phone call. MedX’s Medical Answering Services screen urgent and non-urgent calls so that physicians can give the proper attention to each case during non-operation hours.

Happy Patients Mean Happy Staff

In the medical industry, it can be challenging to maintain a reputation of having satisfied patients that are happy with the health care you provide to them.The office may be closed, but you are always on call. A negative patient review can harm your brand and livelihood, but MedX can leave you with a peace of mind. Our Medical Answering Service allows physicians to communicate with colleagues, practice managers, office staff and patients. Through a fully secured and HIPAA compliant application, there will be no more frustrating phone calls with a robot.

No More Disasters In The Office

Quality healthcare is more attainable with a 24-7 patient care service provided by MedX. Even during days with higher call volume, when the office is short-staffed, and during inclement weather, a medical answering service helps medical offices run smoothly and keep patients happy. There is always a listener on-call who is well-equipped to respond to your patients’ medical questions and concerns.

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