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Answering the Call

“I Castellane lost,” said a dejected Dr. James Smith (name protected for anonymity). “Can you believe it? Christmas The jury awarded a settlement of $1,000,000 against me. I know what I Porn said, but I had no way to prove it.” In 2010, after fielding zur a call in the cheap nba jerseys middle of Medical the night, Dr. Smith was sued for allegedly failing to instruct the family to take their wholesale mlb jerseys father to the emergency room after suffering complications from surgery. The patient cheap mlb jerseys died shortly thereafter and Dr. Smith was sued for malpractice. cheap mlb jerseys The lawsuit Need came down to Dr. Smith’s word versus the patient’s family. Without any evidence to the contrary, the court believed Dr. Smith never advised the family to go to the hospital and ruled in favor of the patient’s family.

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