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MedXCom and Home Infusion: Together, Improving After-hours Service

MedXCom understands the unique after-hours challenges faced by Home Infusion Companies, specifically, long hold times, delayed response time, incorrect call routing, and patient dissatisfaction.

Unlike traditional call centers, MedXCom makes it easy to connect your urgent caller to the correct on-call Pharmacist, Nurse, Warehouse and/or Intake staff.

This improves response time and lets your team work more capably and efficiently.

Additionally, the system will keep non-urgent calls away from the on-call provider.

Increases Patient Satisfaction

By design, MedXCom greatly increases Patient Satisfaction. Your patients will enjoy more privacy while comfortably and securely stating their urgent needs—not to mention the elimination of long hold times and operator errors and (sometimes) rudeness.

Since 2012, MedXCom’s core value was to ensure transparency and offer risk mitigation to all our customers by recording all conversations. Today, we continue to work closely with all of our clients to understand their needs to best streamline care and simplify after-hour communications, with features that include:  

  • Intelligent Routing: Urgent callers are quickly routed to the correct on-call nurse, pharmacist, warehouse/delivery and/or intake, while non-urgent calls are routed to a dedicated mailbox for efficient staff follow-up.
  • Secure Recordings: Eliminate “he-said/she-said” confusion and potential legal issues by recording all in and outbound conversations.
  • HIPAA-compliant Texting: Facilitate secure and efficient communication between staff members for streamlined care coordination in real-time.
  • Improved Staff Training: Review recordings to identify areas for improvement and establish best practices in compassionate communication.
  • Lower Cost: Our system, while providing more services than traditional answering services, is less expensive and can improve NHIA scores.

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To see how MedXCom can improve your communication, schedule a demo today or calling .Sales at 877-633-9776 x1

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