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MedXCom and Skilled Nursing Facilities

Providing After-Hours and Daytime Communication Solutions to Improve Family Communication and Safety/Accuracy of Care.  

Skilled Nursing Facilities face unique challenges in caring for their patients and ensuring clear communication with their loved ones. 

You want your patients’ loved ones to know that their calls – especially after hours – are a priority.

You also want to ensure that calls that your staff receive or place with patients’ Health Care Professionals are recorded for safety, accuracy and efficiency. 

You want to be certain that sensitive phone conversations between staff and loved ones are recorded as well –to prevent misunderstandings and even potential legal actions.

Skilled Nursing

But most importantly, you need to be certain that discharged patients COMMUNICATE WITH YOU FIRST, before going to the hospital for post-rehab care – preventing hospital care that could be provided by your facility.

PLUS, our application is a fully compliant HIPAA communication system that offers features not available through traditional after-hours answering services or traditional phone systems! 

  • No Hold Times: Immediate response to calls eliminates frustration, increases patient satisfaction and ensures timely assistance when families need it most. 
  • Intelligent Routing: Urgent callers are quickly routed to the on-call nurse, or other chosen staff person, while non-urgent calls are routed to a dedicated mailbox for efficient staff follow-up.  Discharged patients can reach you before going to the Emergency Room for services you can provide.  Increases hospital satisfaction rates and referrals!  
  • Prioritizes Calls from Medical Professionals and Loved Ones: Our unique application allows for a separate dedicated telephone number that can be given to Medical Professionals and loved ones to ensure that their calls are given priority routing to the correct staff member and recorded for safety, accuracy and efficiency.  Prevents errors in communication of patient care instructions and allows recording of both incoming and outgoing calls to loved ones to allow for clear communication. This prevents any misunderstandings that could escalate into more serious issues.   
  • Streamlined Workflow: Separate routing of inquiries and marketing calls allows your staff to focus on providing the critical care your patients deserve. 
  • Secure Recordings: Preserve crucial conversations, protect against misunderstandings, and ensure complete documentation with HIPAA-compliant call recording through dedicated URL links to individual conversations. 
  • HIPAA-Compliant Staff Texting: Secure and efficient communication between staff members for efficient care coordination in real time.  
  • Improved Staff Training: Review recordings to identify areas for improvement and establish best practices in compassionate communication. 
  • Lower Cost: MedXCom offers significantly more services at substantial cost savings over traditional after-hours services and can be billed either by number of users or minutes of use – whichever provides the greatest savings to the facility.  


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